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The Association of Teacher Educators was founded in 1920 and is an individual membership organization devoted solely to the improvement of teacher education both for school-based and post-secondary teacher educators. Dr. Auge teaches courses in World Literature, Medieval and Renaissance British Literature, thesis statement research paper help Eighteenth Century British Literature, Modern Irish Literature, and Modern Irish & British Poetry. William Jablonsky received an MFA in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University. Major thematic areas explored in the course include representations of the Irish West, the political struggle for independence, the role of Catholicism in Irish society, the status of minority groups such as the Irish travelers, and the urban working class in Ireland. Only one general education course may be applied to the minor in English. This is a chronologically-organized, cross-genre exploration of Shakespeare’s earlier drama. Prerequisites: L.LIB-100, L.LIB-105, L.LIB-1 10, and one course from L.LIB-130, L.LIB-135, or L.LIB-220. This course surveys a wide range of Irish-themed films in order to develop a deeper understanding of modern Irish cultural identity. This course uses experiential performance techniques as well as traditional scholarly analysis and context to engage with poetry in a fully human way, using intellect, imagination, emotion and the body. A study of English romantic theory and practice. L.ENG-390: Writing as Social Action. Editing workshops focus on stylistic polish. They learn to read aloud and recite poems in a way that develops their expressiveness and other public speaking skills. Demonstrate the rhetorical skills required to make a persuasive and insightful written argument using evidence from a literary text. A survey of 18th-century English literature. Loras writers have won or received Honorable Mention for 26 straight years. Prerequisites: L.LIB-100, L.LIB­105, L.LIB-110, and one course from L.LIB-130, L.LIB-135, or L.LIB-220. An introductory level workshop in which students write and receive feedback on creative nonfiction essay forms. The Bauerly-Roseliep Scholarship is awarded each year to the graduating senior who most excels in both majors.) Students with an interest in writing for purposes of social and political engagement can also minor in Rhetoric & Public Writing. Students will examine the evolution of the super-hero genre that began with the inception of “superhero revisionism” in the early 1980s, particularly in terms of the way these former four-color characters have been transformed in terms of character, visual styling, and most importantly, the stories told about them. Students should register for ENG 491D Thesis Defense in the fall or spring, whichever semester they will defend the creative thesis undertaken in ENG 491. The team’s presentation shared how they used a required pre-service teachers’ course to collaboratively create and present a six-lesson poetry unit to a middle school honors class, showing the advantages of student-centered strategies and social justice themes, as well as the motivation created through the use of classroom texts and theories.

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In addition to the introductory and advanced fiction workshops, he also offers courses in screenwriting, genre fiction writing (specializing in science fiction, fantasy and horror) and a J-term course focused on finishing your work and sending it to potential publishers. Some J-Term courses travel internationally or domestically, and some stay right here, but all are focused on active learning. In addition, he writes a monthly outdoors column for a local newspaper. Prerequisite: advanced standing in English. The class is conducted as a workshop/seminar of approximately 15 students, with heavy emphasis on student-composed fiction. He has published articles on a number of contemporary Irish poets, and his book, A Chastened Communion: Modern Irish Poetry and Catholicism, was published by Syracuse University Press in Fall 2013. Auge still finds that it elicits a more intense form of critical thinking than any other discipline. The diverse narratives represented highlight particular themes that featured in Irish women’s experience: religious oppression, motherhood, sexual abuse, marriage, education and work, political activism and repression, and individual rebellion. Her public writing courses include Rhetoric & Political Engagement, Writing for New Media, Grant & Proposal Writing, and Writing as Social Action. Demonstrates how literature shapes and reflects the identities of emerging Caribbean, African, and Asian nations. Demonstrate critical reading skills required to articulate a persuasive and insightful close reading, and a persuasive and insightful formal or structural analysis of a literary text (Goal #1 common to all Literature/Writing majors). They actually travel to and live on Native reservations, interacting with Native people and experiencing everything from the somewhat expected—that language, education, and storytelling are key to identity and that embracing Native heritage and US military service are both matters of tribal pride—to the extremely unexpected; for example, some tribes use more cutting-edge technology than we do, and some consider muskrat–which she and her students not only ate and found rather tasty but also learned how to cook–a culinary delicacy tied to survival during hard times. Students will spend the second week learning directly from native people as the class travels to experience tribal history and culture first hand. The course requires two out-of-class local environmental study trips led by a cooperating faculty member. An exploration of language and composition theory, research and pedagogy. January-Term (or J-Term, as you’ll hear it referred to on campus) offers unique opportunities to focus exclusively on a single course for a three-week term. Recent themes have included male/female identities, war and peach, healing and searching, and ego and shadow. Students will develop their understanding and appreciation for poetry by doing close readings of poems, writing critical essays based on these close readings, and making poetry physically part of themselves through memorization and performance. In the course, we will examine literary genres of theater, poetry and fiction through the lens of art, museums and historical landmarks. Prerequisite: L.ENG-238 or equivalent, or permission of the instructor. Dr. VanLaningham teaches 19th Century British Literature, Irish Studies, and Women’s Literature. Students will be required to defend their Literature Capstone thesis.

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Prerequisite: L.LIB-105. 3 credits. An introductory workshop course in the art of writing poetry, creative writing stories about belonging and an introduction to poetics. This course will cover his comedies, tragedies and romances starting at about 1600. The thesis will be examined by a board of English faculty. Students will read the novel in context: in the installment form (fortunately available in the Special Collections of Loras’ ARC), alongside other Victorian publications and cultural artifacts, and through “contact” with the Victorians via role play. Students develop their understanding and appreciation for poetry by doing close readings of poems, writing creative and critical essays based on these close readings, and making poetry physically part of themselves through memorization and performance. M. Synge, James Joyce, Sean O’Casey, Brian Friel, Seamus Heaney, and Eavan Boland. Editing workshops will teach stylistic elements and focus on the process of writing. Representative authors include William Carleton, Lady Gregory, William Butler Years, J. Students will spend 10 days in Guatemala, description of moonlight creative writing five (5) of which will be spent in a Mayan village in the mountains near Semachaca (where we will be finishing a building project the construction of a medical clinic). Our Creative Writing majors are introduced to rigorous critical reading  in Literary Studies, sharpen their analytical skills in Literary Criticism, and choose several courses from the whole history of English and American literature, in all genres, and from selected courses in Irish, Canadian, Russian, and World literatures. Prerequisite: L.ENG-237 or equivalent. His critical essays and reviews have appeared in Contemporary Poetry Review, Canadian Notes & Queries, Arc Poetry Magazine, and elsewhere. This experiential learning course engages students in reading, writing and reflecting upon a variety of Native American voices and experiences (Cherokee, Navajo, Lakota, Dakota, Ojibwe, Pah-Ute, Spokane, Ho-Chunk, etc.). This course focuses on concepts of effective online writing. He earned an Honors B.A. in English literature and creative writing from York University in Toronto, Canada, and an M.A. English is a valuable and marketable major.

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Selected works from European, Native and Latin American, African, South Asian and Asian cultures. Specifically, the course will focus on science fiction, fantasy, and horror, or work that combines elements of literary fiction with these genres. Representative authors include Dryden, Pope, Swift, Johnson, Blake, Mary Wortley Montagu and selected women poets. A study of the poetry and prose of the age. Completion of College portfolio. Dr. VanLaningham’s free time involves spending time outside—snowshoeing, kayaking, or running—or with her two active sons. No prior knowledge of script writing and/or movie making is needed in order to enroll in the course. We will also compare literature with companion arts—namely visual art and architecture—to see how the arts inform each other. In this course students explore and learn the complex process of securing funding for non-profit organizations. He is also the editor of The Essential Daryl Hine, a book of selected poems. An advanced course in the art and craft of writing fiction. They will also participate in a mock trial. Students write in various subgenres of creative nonfiction, and also study technique and theme in contemporary nonfiction nature writing. When she is not preparing rustic (all organic!) wildlife meals over an open fire with her students, teaching, or attending to her responsibilities as the division chairperson, she loves working with Habitat for Humanity, the Literary Society, Dance Marathon, and the Rugby Club.